Welcome to Black Horse™ Sauces - home of some of the tastiest gluten-free and heart healthy sauces and syrups on the planet.

We are a small, family owned company dedicated to bringing flavor back to the table in a way that is diet friendly. We developed these products with celiac disease in mind, but whether you are dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol or a host of other conditions that require special diets, chances are, our products will fit your dietary needs.

From savory ribs to marionberry syrup for your pancakes, we've got you covered.  Take a look and rediscover the flavor.

All products are gluten free, GMO free and produced in an allergen free production facility.

GMO free
No fat
No cholesterol
No preservatives
Low sodium
Low calorie
Low sugar
Low carbohydrate

Savory, Apricot, Hot & Spicy, Verde Chile, and Raspberry Mustard Sauces are all Heart Healthy.

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